Sep 212018

My hands wrap tighter around the steering wheel of the silver minivan, and I feel my body steel like armor, attempting to protect itself from the barbs coming from the back seat. I remind myself…Continue Reading

Jun 282018

Whining – don’t let it be a headache!

“Noooooooooooooo-uuh, I want that one!”  “Mommyyy…..uuhhh I want that…… Mommyyyyy……… uuuuuuhhhhh…..” You can’t stand hearing your kid whine, so you tell him to stop— but he doesn’t. So now what? You would really like him…Continue Reading

Sep 232017

Hold The String and Let The Kites Fly…

Today, when kids are growing up faster than their age… and media has taught (warned) you enough how necessary it is to be a nice, considerate and accommodate parent. And you have learnt so well…Continue Reading

Jul 182017

Over the years there has been many advocates of leaving babies and toddlers to cry. Mothers were told their babies were just “exercising their lungs” or that continually picking up a crying baby would “spoil”…Continue Reading

Jun 172017

Design Your Child’s Brain

In the first few years of life, because your child’s higher rational brain is so unfinished, his lower brain will be in the driver’s seat. Basically, the emotional systems and primitive impulses in his lower…Continue Reading

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